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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

The teeth are a major constituent in the quality of your smile, and how they look matters. With time, the teeth can lose their shiny appearance and begin to show their age. Discolored teeth are simply an indication of their usage. Several factors can contribute to the teeth' discoloration, but the most common reason is the kind of foods we consume. Our teeth begin to lose their brightness from consuming foods and beverages dark in coloring or containing natural staining properties such as berries and tomatoes. After a while, your teeth can appear dull, reducing the quality of your smile and, in some cases, may even cause you to lose your self-confidence. A dental cleaning can remove many surface stains, but it may not be sufficient. But whitening your teeth can help erase the wear that comes from regular use and restore the glittering white gleam to your smile.

What are the Teeth Whitening options?

  • In-Office Whitening: First, the dentist applies a protective gel over the gum tissues to safeguard them from the powerful effects of the bleaching agent. Then a whitening gel composed of hydrogen peroxide is applied over the teeth. With the help of laser light, the process of teeth whitening is speeded up. To ensure the patient achieves the results, they are looking for, an in-office bleaching may require additional visits to the dental clinic. Once the desired outcome is achieved, a touch-up can be done at the dentist twice a year to maintain your beautiful smile.
  • At-Home Whitening: If you have opted for an at-home teeth whitening, you will be fitted with a customized mouth guard to ensure the bleaching solution touches all the enamel of your teeth. Although at-home whitening requires a significantly longer time, it is relatively inexpensive compared to the in-office alternatives. This treatment involves wearing the mouthguard filled with the whitening gel for a specified period of time every day. This process should be continued for at least a couple of weeks. These treatment results are slow, and the whitening of the teeth may also depend on the severity of the teeth' discoloration.

How long do the Teeth Whitening effects last?

Normally one can expect the teeth whitening effects to last from six months to two years. Avoiding tea, coffee, and other beverages such as red wine, all of which cause the staining, and in the bargain, can help preserve the whitening results.

Is the Teeth Whitening procedure safe?

The teeth whitening procedure is absolutely safe, and you can protect your tooth's enamel with the help of calcium sulfate and fluoride while undergoing the procedure. One principal side effect of this procedure is tooth sensitivity. For most patients, sensitivity is temporary and only lasts as long as your treatment. Toothpaste designed for sensitivity can help to manage the discomfort. As soon as the whitening treatment is complete, the sensitivity should vanish.

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