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Emergency Exams

Emergency Exams

A dental emergency is a situation that includes the teeth, gums, or jaw requiring immediate attention. There are several types of dental emergencies such as pain, swelling, bleeding, a broken or loose tooth requiring primary care and treatment. Sometimes the reason could be an accident or trauma; other times, symptoms may be subtle and increase over time. Regular dental care is essential to oral health, but sometimes emergencies happen, and you need dental services right away.

How can you prevent some of the Dental Emergencies?

There are a few precautions one can take to avoid dental emergencies. Good care of the teeth is needed as you get only one set of permanent teeth. Improving your dietary habits can contribute to the longevity of your teeth. If you eat ice or hard and sticky foods, they will wear down or loosen the teeth. Please refrain from bad habits such as nail-biting or chewing on pens and other inedible objects.

Athletes and children who play sports should always wear a protective mouthguard during participating in physical activities. An athletic mouthguard that fits well will help in preventing injuries.

What are some types of Dental Emergencies?

  • A dental abscess develops when a pocket of pus forms either in the gums or at the base of a tooth. A gum abscess can occur as a result of untreated periodontal disease. Occasionally, even a piece of food lodged between the tooth and gum root may cause the infection. A dental abscess requires an emergency visit when an excruciating pain worsens as the day progresses and becomes unbearable. Additionally, there is a chance of the infection spreading and causing fever. An emergency dental extraction may be required in some cases, or a dentist might need to perform a root canal procedure.
  • Some infections in the mouth can develop over time, needing emergency care if left untreated. Advanced gum disease, or periodontitis, is an infection that sometimes can turn into an emergency. If not treated quickly, the condition can cause the teeth to become loose and the tissues supporting them to deteriorate. Some people may lose their teeth as a result of untreated advanced gum disease.
  • Children and teenagers are more likely to experience a traumatic injury since the bone is not as dense as adults'. Besides, kids are mostly more involved in physical activities. The causes of traumatic dental injuries include sports accidents, falls, or auto accidents, requiring emergency examinations.
  • Chipped tooth, though maybe unattractive, often does not require urgent dental care. Since the tooth's trauma does not cause pain and is mostly of cosmetic concern, the treatment cannot be delayed. A broken tooth has a more extensive trauma to the tooth and often requires emergency care.
  • In case of lost or damaged restorations, the problem should be addressed promptly. Since the tooth has no nerves, the loss of the old restoration will not cause any pain. However, such a tooth is more vulnerable to further breakage. If the tooth had no root canal treatment, the exposure to air, liquids, and food is likely to cause painful sensitivity.

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