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Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

A filling is basically a method to fix a tooth that has been damaged by decay. This is caused due to the bacteria in the mouth that feed on the sugar on the teeth and release acid as a by-product. The acid eats into the tooth's enamel, and the result is decay that frequently grows over time. Once the bacteria is removed, there is often a gap left that needs to be filled in to restore the tooth's structure and prevent bacteria from causing even more harm to the tooth. With the help of dental fillings, the gaps are filled, keeping the teeth healthy and strong.

What is the role of dental fillings for our oral health?

Fillings play an essential role in the health of our mouth. We get only one chance at our natural teeth. If there is decay in the mouth and left untreated, the decay will sooner or later affect the tooth's roots. The patient would then need a root canal procedure and perhaps may even lose the tooth. A filling helps fix the problem at the first indication of decay, ensuring that one can keep their natural tooth and as much enamel as possible for optimum oral health..

What are the different types of fillings?

  • Porcelain Fillings: These fillings are manufactured in a dental lab. As soon as they are ready, they are bonded to the patient's teeth. With the latest advancements in dental technology, it has become possible to make the fillings match the color of the patient's tooth precisely.
  • Composite –Resin Fillings: They are filled directly into the cleaned-out cavity and allowed to harden. Composite resin fillings can also be made of the same color as the patient's existing tooth. Unlike porcelain, they are not stain-resistant and are best suited for filling small cavities.
  • Amalgam or Silver Fillings: These fillings are relatively inexpensive as compared to other fillings materials. The silver fillings are durable, but they are dark in color and hence can be used only for the back teeth.
  • Gold Dental Fillings: These fillings are both biocompatible and give a striking appearance to the tooth. Nevertheless, gold fillings are expensive, and the patient has to make more than one visit to the dentist to be fitted for them. This is because they are customized in the lab and need to be cemented into the cavity.

What is the procedure for dental fillings?

Most patients dread the filling process as they think it will be painful. The process is started by numbing the area with an anesthetic. Once your mouth is numb, the decayed part of the tooth is removed. After removing the decay, the dentist meticulously cleans the tooth to remove all bacteria before filling it. Finally, the tooth is filled with dental composite material. The filling covers the tooth, preventing any further decay of the leftover enamel. The dental filling helps build the tooth back up so that you can go back to your normal routine, including eating your favorite foods. No one will even know that you have a filling because the composite matches your tooth enamel seamlessly.

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