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Crowns and Bridges

Crown and Bridges

When your tooth is weakened due to decay, fracture, or grinding, a crown can repair the damage and protect the tooth for the future. Crowns and bridges are similar restorations, though they serve different purposes. A dental crown protects and repairs a natural tooth that has sustained damage from chewing, teeth grinding, decay, or an accident.

A fixed dental bridge is a series of specialized crowns designed to replace a missing tooth. Two crowns will hold an artificial tooth in place, filling the gap in your smile..

What are Dental Crowns, and how is it used?

Dental Crowns are very regular restorations, and they have many diverse uses and functions. If a patient is suffering from a cracked, chipped, or damaged tooth, a dental crown ensures its protection from further harm and restores its appearance and function. Crowns are commonly used to restore a tooth after a root canal has been carried out. When you have dental implants

fixed, it needs to be capped with a dental crown to appear like the natural teeth. It helps cover the abutment piece of an implant and restores the original function of the tooth. Crowns are mostly made from high-quality ceramic or porcelain that resembles natural teeth.

What are Dental Bridges, and how is it used?

Dental Bridges can help bridge the gap as a result of several missing teeth in a row and restore their form and function again. They are an assortment of dental crowns that are strung together to form one solid restoration piece. Generally attached to the abutment teeth, bridges can check the shifting of surrounding teeth into the void created by the missing teeth. Once the bridges are fixed, you will be able to bite and chew with them like normal teeth. They also blend in beautifully with natural teeth. It is a more economical option s compared to dental implants.

It is important to note that an emergency exam is focused on one particular area of the mouth, and is different from a comprehensive oral exam or a regular oral exam.

What is the procedure involved in fixing Crowns and Bridges?

The placement of a crown or a bridge requires about two appointments with your dentist. Before a crown or bridge is fabricated, the adjacent teeth of the missing tooth are prepared and shaped. This step is vital so as to ensure that the crown or bridge doesn’t crowd the adjacent teeth and also does not interfere with the opposing tooth when you bite or chew. After this, the dentist will capture an impression of the treatment area to fabricate an exact mold for the bridge or crown. These impressions are sent over to a dental lab for their final casting. Meanwhile, a temporary crown or bridge will be placed as an interim arrangement while the permanent ones are being readied. When the permanent crown or bridge is prepared, they are cemented in place over the prepared tooth. Strong adhesives are used to cement restorative appliances. With this, your bite, structure, and appearance of your smile are reconstructed.

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