Dr. Rai loves dentistry and transforming people's lives through the power of their smile. Growing Smile Loft into the dental provider of choice for affordable, high-quality and convenient dentistry is not only his vision but also his passion. Every day, Dr. Rai inspires and leads his staff to make each practice a center of excellence...

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About Us

Smile Loft Experience

At Smile Loft, your comfort and care are our top priorities. We understand that dental appointments can be daunting for some patients and we want to provide a comfortable environment where our guests feel welcome.

Our team of talented staff are dedicated to providing all guests with unsurpassed personalized service. We provide gentle, patient-oriented dental care to adults and children with an emphasis on comprehensive and preventive dentistry. We are proud that our practice utilizes advanced clinical equipment to provide the best and latest treatment options.

To complete your Smile Loft Experience, each of our treatment rooms are equipped with state of the art touchscreen computers and TVs that enables us to enhance our workflow when delivering treatment to our guests. During appointments, our guests can sit back and relax! Watch your favorite TV shows or stream Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Pandora and myriad of other online entertainment options right in the operatories while receiving world class dental treatment.

We invite you to call and schedule your next appointment to come have a unique dental experience – the Smile Loft Experience.

Smile Loft Flossophy

At Smile Loft, your smile is our passion!

Smiles are not only contagious but they are always in style. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you and now you can have the exceptional smile that you deserve.

We believe in empowering each and every one of our guests to take charge of their smile. Our team will help you navigate your dental health to help promote overall whole body wellness. At the heart of our treatment philosophy is the notion of comprehensive personalized care. Our goal is to develop a close relationship with our patients to prevent problems before they arise. At the end of the day, we are in the business of caring for your smile! Smile Loft is truly one-of-a-kind experience for people looking to revitalize their smile. Come visit us and experience the difference.

Breaking the Fear – Anxiety – Pain Cycle:

Many people suffer from dental phobia and choose not to visit the dentist on a regular basis and neglect their oral health. This lapse in routine dental care can lead even a minor dental issue to exacerbate into a major dental problem causing pain and often requiring more invasive (and expensive) treatments. We want to change the narrative of dental health away from this type of episodic care by introducing the concept of comprehensive care to our guests. Regular dental examinations can prevent many of these problems and alleviate unwanted stress.

Studies have shown that heightened anxiety usually leads to increased pain for even ordinary procedures. For patients experiencing extreme anxiety and needing specialized attention, our dentists can offer Inhalation Sedation to help you relax. This technique is safe and is well accepted by most patients. All you have to do is ask if can benefit from Inhalation Sedation.

So, if you have not seen a dentist in last six months – call Smile Loft Laurel to kick start your smile restoration.

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